“Write only what you alone can write.” ~Elie Wiesel

I used to think it was important to write the sort of story that is popular, and to be careful about putting off a large group of readers, or offending them, by totally writing what came from me. I thought I needed to alter my writing to suit a large audience. I thought I shouldn’t do anything too weird. But now I think it’s absolutely critical, like a duty of the soul, to let MY TRUEST WRITING come out. That’s my responsibility. I believe in this way I offer an honest service to the world. I believe it’s the path of living a full, EXPRESSIVE life.

Those are powerful words, fellow authors, so let’s repeat them: Write only what you alone can write.

Note: This applies not only to writers. No matter what job you do, there is something unique and CREATIVE you bring to it. And so you must, if the world is to be an exciting, evolving place:)

How are you different? I want to see that.


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