My publisher is offering the e-book version of my new novel for 99 cents for a limited time! It’s a spiritual book (Eckhart Tolle-ish), but also a creepy alternate world story. Here’s a review from a Goodreads reader:

I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway, so thank you very much. The Ghosting of Gods by Cricket Baker tells a story about a brother who would do anything and everything to get his sister back. Jessie is an exorcist who has a lot of questions. The answers to these questions can only be found out through death. It seems that Jessie feels the need to touch death and the exorcisms help him do that.
Jessie, his friends Poe and Ava and Ava’s daughter Leesel are transported to Memento Mori (A world of death) While there, they meet some interesting people like Elspeth (a witch-coven scientist). Jesse feels that he may be able to acquire the information he is seeking from Elspeth, however he doesn’t know if he can and should trust her.
The book is a superbly constructed story which immerses you into a dystopian like world. It is not a straightforward story but has many twists and turns to keep you intrigued. The Ghosting of Gods is paced well, there are no dull moments.

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